Make an Impact and Become a Red Cross Volunteer

The American Red Cross of Southern Nevada is searching for people that want to make an impact in the community.  People with all different talents, skills, and availability are invited to fill out an application at and find out how you can make a difference!

Disaster Services:  Help with home fire preparedness campaign by installing smoke alarms or respond to local disasters as part of the Disaster Action Team.

Volunteer Services:  Help train, onboard, and recruit potential volunteers into each line of service.

Service to the Armed Forces:  Provide services, such as family follow-ups, to military members and their families.

International Services:  Help families reconnect when they become separated by war, conflict, or a natural disaster.

Biomedical Services: Volunteer at a local blood drive or host a blood drive at your school or place of work.

Preparedness, Health, & Safety Services:  Learn how to save a life and then teach those skills (CPR, First Aid, AED) in our community!

Public Affairs: Tell the Red Cross story through blog posts, social media campaigns, photos, or working directly with the media.

It may seem like a lot, but these are only a few of the opportunities available at the Red Cross.  We have even more opportunities available that are not listed!  Let us know what your interests are, or areas in which you want to help out, and we will do everything we can to make it work.

About American Red Cross of Southern Nevada

Blogs highlighting the work of the Red Cross in Southern Nevada
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