Become Red Cross Ready this March!

Emergencies and disasters can happen at any time. By becoming “Red Cross Ready” you can ensure that you have the skills and tools to be prepared.

Get a First Aid and Safety Kit

It’s crucial to have first aid and safety tools on hand when you need them. By visiting you can get a safety kit to have at the ready when you need it.

Have a Plan

Too often we put off having a plan in place for an emergency. By preparing ahead of time for home fires, injuries and other emergencies you can make sure you’re ready to respond quickly. Ensure you’re ready by having well planned escape routes and by making sure everyone in your family knows where safety supplies are kept.

Learn CPR,AED, and First Aid


Cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States. With CPR and AED training you can be ready to recognize and respond with needed life saving measures. And becoming CPR and AED trained is easy. The Red Cross offers several classes on CPR and AED, as well as First Aid training and beyond. By going to you can find classes in your area, and check out many great training resources to get the skills you need.

Download a Red Cross Safety Checklist

The Red Cross offers safety checklists to help you prepare for several possible emergencies. By visiting you can download any of these checklists and have preparedness tools ready at your fingertips.

Download the Red Cross First Aid App

The Red Cross First Aid App allows you to be Red Cross Ready at your fingertips! With step-by-step instructions, as well as videos and animations, you can have instant how-to access on First Aid, CPR and AED. The Red Cross First Aid App comes with lots of great preloaded content and you don’t need mobile service to access this life saving info. The app also features a hospital locator and includes a fully integrated 9-1-1 function for contacting EMS when needed. You can download the app for free from your mobile app store. You can also text “GETFIRST” to 90999, or get the app by visiting

By taking simple measures you can ensure you are well prepared to handle emergencies and disasters!


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