Fire Hurts…Red Cross Helps Campaign Kick-Off

On Thursday, January 28, the Red Cross of Southern Nevada and the Professional Fire Fighters of Nevada (PFFN) will launch the annual Fire Hurts…Red Cross Helps Campaign.  The launch will take place at the Henderson Fire Training Center at 10:30am.  Guest speakers, Johnny & Mico will tell their story of how the Red Cross helped them recover after a home fire. 

On Thursday morning, tweet at @SNVRedCross with the hashtag #SNVRedCross and we’ll RT our favorite posts!

The Red Cross responds to a disaster, on average, every 20 hours.  Most of the time, it is a home fire.  Volunteers are on-call 24 hours a day, ready to respond to these home-fires.  They provide financial assistance, emotional support, and the first steps toward recovery when the families need it most. 

Johnny & Mico’s Story

Johnny, Mico, their son and two grandchildren were at home when a fire started.  Fortunately, everyone asked unharmed but the fire had caused major damage throughout their home, leaving them without food or shelter.  Johnny, who is also battling cancer, lost all of his medications and his 45 prescriptions. 

Red Cross volunteers arrived on scene and provided the family with basic necessities like water, snacks and toiletries items.  The Red Cross also provided financial assistance for food, clothing and shelter for all 6 members of the family, as well as the means to refill all of the medications lost in the fire. 

This is just one example of many where the Red Cross helps a family through their most difficult time.  This campaign allows the Red Cross to continue to help families that are displaced and need help after a disaster. 

Last year, the Red Cross provided over $200,000 of disaster assistance to local families.  Donations made to the Fire Hurts…Red Cross Helps campaign ( stay in the southern Nevada community and go towards helping local families recover. 


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