Vote for FedEx Air & Ground Players of the Year – Proceeds go to local Red Cross

This year, one QB and one RB will be crowned the FedEx Air & Ground Player of the Year.  Let’s focus on the players that make plays through the Air.  After all, it’s a passing league.  Each of these players will secure a $25,000 for their respective Red Cross Chapters.  The finalists for the QB’s are Tom Brady (deflate-gate), Drew Brees (7-9 record) and Carson Palmer (13-3 record & first-round bye in the playoffs).

Of course, Tom Brady shouldn’t be considered.  He’s obviously anti-Air.  I don’t think he would even want to win anything that has ‘Air’ in the title anyways.

Who is Drew Brees?  I don’t think we need to consider people who aren’t even in the playoffs for this award.  It’s all about winning.

That leaves Carson Palmer.  The Arizona QB tore his ACL last year and stormed back for 35 touchdowns and only 11 interceptions.  He also guided his team to a 13-3 record and a first-round bye.  If that’s not enough, he had a 104.4 passer rating this year, good enough for 3rd in the NFL.  His touchdowns and passer rating also set franchise records.

Let’s not forget what this is about.  It’s about FedEx giving back to a great cause.  The Grand Canyon Chapter of the Red Cross (Phoenix, Arizona) helped folks that were displaced by wildfires and flooding this year.  Cast your vote online by visiting


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