You Can Help the Red Cross, and Your Community, with Home Fire Preparedness

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On January 18th we will celebrate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Each year we take this opportunity to celebrate the life and works of this community leader who was committed to non-violent social change, the principles of equality, and the fight against poverty. Martin Luther King believed in the power and importance of community service and across the nation citizens commemorate this day through their personal commitment to serve in their own communities.

“Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

As part of celebrating Martin Luther King’s legacy of community service, the Red Cross will be performing a community outreach event as part of its initiative in support of home fire preparedness. Home fires continue to be the most common disaster with a home fire related death occurring seven times every day. There are many precautions people can take to ensure that they, and their loved ones, are safe, The Red Cross is asking for your help with helping those in our community be ready when a home fire starts.

In partnership with local citizens and organizations the Red Cross will be canvassing neighborhoods throughout southern Nevada handing out smoke alarms and providing crucial information on home-fire preparedness and safety. We are asking for volunteers to join the effort on January 18th and help with our ongoing work in preparing our communities for emergencies and disasters.


To sign up for this event please visit our website at

And for more on the life and works of Martin Luther King Jr. visit

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on January 18th.


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