Include the Red Cross in Your New Year Resolutions

2015 has come to an end as we all begin our journey in 2016.  Hopefully there are a lot of great things coming up in your lives.  We hope that being a part of the Red Cross is one of those things!

Whether it is to volunteer your time, donate your money, or give your blood – there are many ways to become a part of your local Red Cross chapter.  Join the hundreds of volunteers already committed to make Nevada a better place to live.

Here are some unique ways that YOU can make a difference in 2016:

  • Join Red Cross volunteers in installing smoke alarms on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Day of Service (Monday -January 18, 2016).

Sign up here:

Red Cross volunteers will be canvassing 4 neighborhoods on MLK Day of Service.  They will be looking to install smoke alarms (all for free) in homes that don’t have one as well as handing out fire-safety information.  Did you know:  when a fire starts in your home, you only have an average of 2 minutes to escape safely?  It’s true!  Smoke alarms save lives, and we think everyone deserves a chance to get out alive.

  • Become a camp instructor for the Red Cross Youth Leadership Camp

Email (Our Youth Coordinator) and sign up!

This camp is designed for students to learn leadership and teamwork skills, find new ways to give back to the community, meet diverse people and make lasting memories with new friends.  Instructors are needed to help the students reach their goals.  The camp will be from July 25-July 29, 2016.

  • Become a Red Cross Pillowcase Project Instructor

Contact our program specialist Donna, at

The Pillowcase Project is a disaster preparedness course for elementary/middle school students.  It teaches students how to stay calm during a disaster and the steps to take to be safe.  The Pillowcase Project also teaches students what is needed in a disaster ‘go-kit’ – all of which should fit in your pillowcase!  Students receive basic ‘go-kit’ items as well as a pillowcase.  We need instructors to teach students how to handle emergencies.

  • Become a Red Cross Volunteer in an area of your choice!

Visit Our Website to sign up to be a Red Cross volunteer and get in touch with our volunteer specialists! They will find out how to best use your skills, or put you in a position where you can learn new skills.

As always, you can donate to your local Red Cross by visiting  This link is to the Fire Hurts…Red Cross Helps campaign.  Donations are used to assist families affected by disasters in Southern Nevada.  All donations are used locally.  From our Red Cross family to yours – have a great 2016 and we look forward to hearing from you!


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