The Red Cross Supports Members Of Our Armed Services

Veterans Day is on November 11th and it is a time for us all to remember our veterans and those serving in our armed forces. The Red Cross joins the country in supporting these brave men and women through the Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces Program.

Since Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross in 1881 it has been committed to supporting those serving in all branches of the United States Military. Through the Red Cross Armed Services Program current enlisted men and women, their families, and veterans can access a variety of services including:

Deployment Services

Upon deployment, whether it is the first or one of many, the Red Cross offers information and workshops to help prepare for the practical and emotional challenges ahead. From putting together a communication plan to emergency preparedness, these workshops can help bring peace of mind for those being deployed and their families.

Emergency Communications Services

The Red Cross connects families by providing online communication supports to get the message to service members when emergencies strike.

Information and Referral Services

From emergency food, shelter and clothing services, to counseling services and caregiver supports, the Red Cross can connect service members and their families with community partners to assist with urgent needs.

Financial Assistance

The Red Cross works with military aid associations to get emergency financial support to service members and their families, when that support is needed most.

Reconnection Workshops

Positively reconnecting back into civilian life is important after deployment. In partnership with Wal-Mart service members can gain support reintegrating through courses, workshops and small groups.

Boots to Business

Those serving in our armed forces gain many leadership and technical skills while deployed. The Boots to Business program helps service members translate their skills towards employment at MGM Resorts International.

For more call (702) 791-3311 or visit and please join the American Red Cross in honoring the men and women serving in our armed forces.


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