Red Cross is Reconnecting Displaced People With Restoring Family Links Program


Millions of families globally are affected by humanitarian crisis. Impacted by armed conflicts, wars, disasters and migrations, family members can become separated from one another and find it hard, if not impossible, to re-connect.

When this occurs the American Red Cross Restoring Family Links program can help. Combining volunteer efforts between the American Red Cross and International Red Cross organizations, the Restoring Family Links program can assist in re-establishing communication with lost loved ones.

“my story will always relate to American Red Cross – will relate to the people that helped me when I was younger” ~Manyan Reath Ker

After being separated from his mother, Manyang Reath Ker turned to the American Red Cross for help. Using the information he provided, the Family Links program volunteers were able to locate Manyang’s mother and deliver his hand written letter to her. Like so many families separated by crisis, the pain of not knowing if their family member is safe is heartbreaking. It’s also heartbreaking to feel the loss of their own human story. To Manyang, hearing his mother’s stories of when he was younger was important to him because, as he states, “they don’t make sense to anybody else, but they make sense to me”. Without Family Links, Manyang believes he would never have seen his mother again. Empowered by his experience, Manyang now serves as a Family Links advocate himself. Manyang shares his own story here: “Manyang Reath Ker, Restoring Family Links Advocate for the American Red Cross” 

Getting Started with Family Links


Beginning a Family Links search starts by contacting your local Red Cross. Here in Southern Nevada you can call (702) 791-3311 for more information. You can also visit Reconnecting Families | American Red Cross to see the impact the Family Links program has had across the world. There you will also find the International Reconnecting Families Inquiry Form, which allows you to start your search online.

American Red Cross Volunteers are crucial to relief efforts locally and globally. If you would like to learn how you can support the Family Links program, or any of our other great programs, please visit our website at, to find out more.


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