Back to School Safety Tips

Red Cross Volunteer, Elaine C, has some tips for students starting or returning to school this August!  Here they are:

Summer vacation is ending.  Soon the schools will be full and the malls will be empty.  Students may not have retained everything they learned the previous school year but hopefully they remember “How to Stay Safe.”  Here is a refresher on those skills.

As the new school year begins, make sure students know their home phone number, address, contact information for parents or guardians, and an emergency contact such as a close friend or relative.  It’s always best to have these numbers written down somewhere it won’t get lost. 

When walking a child to school, cross the street only at intersections and use a route with school crossing guards. Remind kids that walk to school to follow the same instructions and to walk with friends. Know the route your child takes to school and who they are walking with.

The beauty of the weather in Southern Nevada is that kids can ride their bikes to school for most of the year.  Since this is also a more dangerous mode of transportation than walking there are a few extra safety steps to take.  Riders should always wear a helmet and, if possible, wear reflective colors to be more visible to street traffic. Also install reflective gear on the bicycle; along with it being a safety measure, it also help a bike look more impressive.

Whether walking or biking, obey all traffic signs & be extra vigilant at intersections.

Children that ride the bus to school should plan on getting to the bus stop early and standing away from the curb while waiting for the bus to arrive. Visit the bus stop before school starts to show the student where to stand while waiting.  Wait at the bus stop with very young children and make safety a habit as they grow up. 

No matter how safe we try to be sometimes mistakes are made. Take a Red Cross First Aid and CPR/AED course ( so you’ll have the knowledge and skills to act if an injury or emergency happens. You can also download the Red Cross First Aid app so you’ll always have first aid information at your fingertips. The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.



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