Learn How to Save a Life with Red Cross Training

No one knows when disasters strike.  Mar Kia, a Red Cross volunteer, shares of story of what happened when a coworker was in need of help:


When tragedy strikes there is always a hero, always someone who snaps into action to try and save the day. Whether they are fully successful or only just a little helpful there is always one who jumps in to lend a hand or save a life. Have you ever wondered what it is like to be called into action?

At work, behind the ringing of various phones, chatter of my coworkers, and the lengthy story a customer I was speaking to was telling me, I heard a cry of panic and fear. A supervisor was running, people were standing, and someone was shouting “Does anyone know CPR? Please, does anyone know CPR?” A woman had collapsed and was no longer breathing on her own. I froze. What could I do? I’m not a hero! I don’t remember the one CPR class I had in high school… I can’t help her.

My coworker calmly stood up and said “I know CPR how can I help.” They walked her over to the growing crowd around the unconscious woman. As if this happened every day my coworker calming began to administer CPR until the paramedics arrived. Turns out my coworker saved that woman’s life while I just stood frozen with fear and uncertainty.

(All photos unrelated, only for visual effect)

It was that day I decided that I needed to remember CPR and learn first aid, not just because I didn’t like feeling of uncertainty, but because someone could rely on me to help them and I wanted to be ready when I was called into action. I turned to the Red Cross.The Red Cross provides various levels of CPR and First Aid training. Whether you want to provide your whole office with a refresher course, or you are starting work as a care giver or life guard; the Red Cross can provide you with the training you need tobe ready in the event of an emergency. I struggled to find time in my busy schedule to take a CPR class, but the Red Cross has online resources to help even the busiest person get the education they need to protect themselves as well as their friends, families, coworkers, or even strangers when they are in need.

The Red Cross has 5 different training courses that will match most CPR and Frist Aid training needs. You can take complete courses online, hybrid courses in the classroom and online, or simply go into your local chapter for in-class courses with practical application learning. The instructors know the importance of being prepared and feeling confident in your ability to help those in needs. They will work with you every step of the way to teach you the skills and necessary knowledge for your call to action.

You will even bond with your classmates, just in case you need a reminder that there are others learning with you, to be that helping hand when in needed. Will you be ready when you are called to action?

Classes are offered throughout the Las Vegas area so visit http://www.redcross.org/take-a-class and find a class near you!


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