Red Cross Set Up Shelters in City of Henderson

Late last week, a round of thunderstorms swept through the Henderson area.  On Thursday evening (August 13), these storms knocked over power lines which left many residents without power.  The Red Cross and City of Henderson were notified that these power outages may last for an extended period of time.

Due to the amount of people that would be without power, the Red Cross and City of Henderson decided to open a relief shelter.  Around 20-25 people stayed overnight at the shelter.   Residents were provided with water, snacks, cots to sleep on, and air-conditioning.

The following day, the National Weather Service (@NWSVegas) warned the public about a heat wave making its way through the area and temperatures were expected to reach 110°.  Residents without power were invited to come cool off at the shelter and get relief from the heat.

A second shelter was opened at a location in downtown Henderson.  NV Energy supplied both shelters with pallets of water.





In addition to providing assistance at the shelters, Red Cross volunteers went into the hardest-hit areas of the community to hand out supplies to residents still without power.  These emergency response vehicles had cases of water and cleaning supplies like shovels, plastic bags, etc. for residents.

The Red Cross is continuing to provide services for residents affected by these storms.  Red Cross caseworkers will work with those affected on an individual basis and determine the best way to help.  This will be an ongoing effort.


PHOTO - Red Cross Volunteers with Henderson Resident


You can donate to the Red Cross disaster services and help the people displaced by these storms by calling (702) 369-3674 or visiting  Donations will also be used to help people affected by future disasters in our community.


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