Red Cross Has Tips to Prepare for Wildfires

Wildfire season is a scary season.  Over the news we all hear about fires that seem to be sparking up out of nowhere and engulfing large acres of land.  The Red Cross wants to give residents some friendly tips and reminders to keep in mind as wildfire season continues on.

It is recommended by the Red Cross and other emergency services to start planning for a wildfire well before one becomes a direct threat. Do so by cleaning debris off roofs, gutters and porches regularly. Eliminate dead branches and leaves at that will eliminate extra fuel for fires to burn.  20150809_172747

Inside the home, have supply kit ready in case an order to evacuate is given. The kit should contain a 3-day supply of food and water per person (and pet), flashlights, battery or hand-crank radio, multipurpose tools, medications, and more. (More recommended items for supply kits can be found at

Finally, prepare two evacuation routes away from the wildfire and the surrounding area. Often times, roads are blocked by debris or emergency vehicles, so it is important to know multiple routes to safety. Once a plan is in place, practice that plan at least twice a year, and especially during the summer.

More helpful preparation tips can be found by downloading the Red Cross Emergency App, which is available for free in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Also, visit for more in-depth wildfire preparedness steps and more recommended items for a disaster preparedness kit.20150809_162824

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