Red Cross Home Fire Campaign Update

There is always a lot of talk about the Red Cross Home Fire Campaign, and people frequently see news about volunteers going in neighborhoods to find homes without smoke detectors.  The Red Cross is proud to share some statistics from this nationwide campaign and what the Red Cross has done in the past 12 months.

First off, the Home Fire Campaign was active in over 1,900 cities and towns across the nation.  In these areas, over 95,000 smoke detectors were installed and 13,000 batteries were replaced.  In addition, Red Cross volunteers helped create 40,000 unique evacuation plans for a residence near them.

In addition to making sure equipment and evacuation plans are in place, Red Cross volunteers also taught more than 247,000 young people vital preparedness lessons.  These lessons did not just revolve around home-fires, but they prepared students for flash floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and landslides.

The most impressive stats are the number of documented lives saved.  The Red Cross has verified that 15 lives were saved by one of these services provided through the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign.  The number of lives saved is actually expected to rise pending official reports.

The Red Cross and community partners are getting ready for the next 12-months, and seeking ways to be even more effective and save many more lives!  Make a donation the Fire Hurts…Red Cross Helps campaign by clicking here.  Volunteer with the Red Cross by going to and filling out an application.

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