Latest Preparedness Tips: Sharknados

The American Red Cross is at the forefront of disaster preparedness.  Millions of people are taught what to do in emergency situations by the Red Cross every year.  The newest Red Cross mobile app, called Emergency, delivers tips and information directly to people’s smartphones.  This information is constantly updated, and today, it will be updated with  newest threat to our area:  Sharknados.

Sharnknados, from what sources (Wikipedia) tells me, are prone to hit coastal cities like New York and Los Angeles.  During monsoon season, a strong sharknado may even make its way inland from the Pacific coast all the way to Nevada.  If that does happen, the Red Cross has safety tips in case your area comes under a sharknado watch/warning.

The Red Cross Emergency App will help you stay informed.  It is very important to know when threats happen and how to avoid them.  Download the Emergency app for free here:   Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Sharknados are expected to hit Nevada around 9PM tonight.  Be prepared for anything. Our friends in Oklahoma were prepared and lived to tell about it:  


(Screen shots were taken from the Red Cross Emergency App.  The Red Cross knows that a sharknado is a made-for-TV disaster, and these tips are no substitute for being prepared for an actual disaster.  And no, I still can’t believe I wrote this)


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