Red Cross and Smith’s Team Up To Save Lives

The American Red Cross responds to thousands of disasters every year.  Across the nation, the most common disasters are home fires.  In fact, there is a home fire every 9 minutes somewhere in the country.  When there is a fatality due to a home fire, more than half of the time it is because the home did not have a working smoke detector.

On July 16, the Red Cross and Smith’s Food & Drug Stores will team up in an effort to reduce injuries from home fires.  Red Cross volunteers and employees from Smith’s will go into their communities and install smoke detectors in homes that do not have one.  This is happening here in southern Nevada and the 6 other states that Smith’s serves.








In addition to installing smoke detectors, installers will also educate residents on the latest fire safety tips. Residents learn things like how to test the smoke detectors and the importance of having family members practice and execute an evacuation plan.

On average, residents have about 2 minutes to safely evacuate a home once a fire is started.  Having smoke detectors and an evacuation plan help save precious seconds when escaping to safety.  Across the nation, over 50,000 smoke detectors have been installed which have resulted in 13 cases of at least one life saved due to a smoke detector donated by the Red Cross.

This Red Cross campaign focuses on joining fire departments and community groups to install smoke alarms in communities with high numbers of fires and encouraging everyone to practice their fire escape plans.  Call (702) 369-3674 or visit to make a donation to further this cause.


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