Prepare for Monsoon Season and Flooding

  Monsoon season is in full effect and flooding is quite possible during this time. Floods are among the most frequent and costly natural disasters. Heavy rain can cause streets at higher elevations to turn into swift rivers and make water collect in lower-lying areas. Both of these conditions are dangerous in their own rights and should be avoided.

Flowing water above the ankles can sweep a person right off their feet. ‘Ponding’ water can also be just as dangerous. If there is standing water without a visible bottom, it is best to turn around and find a different route. Rocks and other objects may have washed down to the bottom and can injure a foot or pop a tire.

Caution is necessary to stay safe during a flood. In order to be extra cautious, the Red Cross recommends people in areas susceptible to floods take steps before floods occur. Have an emergency kit on hand with enough supplies for each member of the family. This includes all pets, too. Kits should have supplies like food and water, medicine, blankets, flashlights and more. Find out more items for an emergency kit here.


In addition to having the supplies on hand, it is also important to have a plan in place. Monitor storms online, on TV or the radio and know when storms are likely. Have a full-tank of gas ready in case there is an evacuation is ordered and know where to go. It is important to have more than 1 route to safety memorized because GPS service may stop working and flooding or debris may block streets.

For more information on what to do during a flood, take a look at the Red Cross website and find information on all different kinds of disasters. Also, remember to download the Red Cross Emergency App for free and have the latest information in the palm of your hand.


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