Red Cross Volunteer Recognition Night!

Red Cross volunteers were honored yesterday for their selfless work serving the community. These volunteers help other people in need by aiding those affected by disaster, helping military members and their families, collecting blood for Las Vegas hospitals, teaching others lifesaving skills like CPR and First, and much more.

“Every hour of the day, Red Cross volunteers proudly serve the southern Nevada community and work to prevent and alleviate suffering in response to emergencies and disasters. This is an opportunity to recognize and thank them for their commitment and dedication,” said Regional CEO Scott Emerson.This event was held to honor the generous volunteers that make up the Red Cross and give them a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ for what they do for the community and other people.

“Volunteers give of themselves and ask for nothing in return,” said Tiffany Updike, director of Volunteer Services. “It is always a wonderful occasion to celebrate our volunteers and their accomplishments, which have strengthened the community.”

You can join a worldwide movement dedicated to helping other people by volunteering with the Red Cross. The Red Cross offers a wide variety of ways to help people in need. Whether you have a few hours a week, or a few hours a month, sign up here to find out how you can apply your talents towards helping others.

“Everyone, Hands In.  1…2…3…”



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