5 Ways You Can Help Families Displaced By Disaster

valentine roses

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we were thinking of ways that you could turn all that Valentine energy into helping families who need in help following a home fire. Whether your happily coupled or happily not or or unhappily either, you can brighten the day for a family in need by raising money.

1. Friend Auction – Have a single friend who’s up for anything? Set up a fundraiser page and auction a Valentine’s date with said friend and the largest donation wins!

2. Cupcake Fundraiser – Do you like to bake? Do people rave about your recipes? Why not make a couple dozen cupcakes that people can then give to their Valentine, and sell them. You’d be helping fill a gift-giving need, AND helping others at the same time. As Ina says, “How great is that?”

3. The Guessing Game – Let classmates or coworkers guess the amount of candy hearts or jelly beans in a jar for a donation. Winner gets the jar! They’ll share.

4. Going For A Dip? – They keep in the fridge, and they’re romantic. Chocolate covered strawberries are a hit with Valentines the world over. But what about their other fruit brethren? Sell some dipped bananas, melon, blueberries, apple of pineapple. Put them in a nice box or skewer. You can do it with dried fruit too!

5. Babysit For Someone’s Valentine’s Date – Staying home this year? Know someone who would like to go out? Offer to watch the kids while your friends have a romantic getaway.

Start a Fundraiser

Make Valentine’s Day special AND start fundraising for families affected by disaster. Questions? Call Kirstin at 702-369-3674.


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