Student Nurses Association at College of Southern Nevada Partnering with American Red Cross

Last semester, the College of Southern Nevada Student Nurses Association (CSN SNA) partnered with the American Red Cross of Southern Nevada, to offer disaster preparedness courses to nursing students. The nursing students received certifications for Disaster Services Overview and the Health Services Response Workshop. The CSN SNA submitted their participation in these courses as a special program for recognition at the National Student Nurses Association National Convention, and won the award for “Disaster Preparedness” in April 2013.

“We chose the American Red Cross, because anytime you think of disaster relief, American Red Cross is the first organization that comes to mind,” said Chentile Goodman, Disaster Preparedness Chair for the Student Nurses Association – College of Southern Nevada. “Who better to train us than the organization that holds the legacy for providing assistance to those in need?”

CSN SNA has decided to participate in the disaster preparedness courses to expand their knowledge base, and be prepared to assist the American Red Cross when the need arises. As students, they are the future of nursing, and they want to be prepared to help others in every way possible. Some of the students are actually interested in becoming American Red Cross nurses after graduation.

Last semester, the CSN SNA brought two American Red Cross courses to the College of Southern Nevada, and during the Fall 2013 semester, they have six scheduled courses with American Red Cross. They have participated in the Disaster Preparedness Education Leader Workshop and Disaster Services: An Overview. During the coming year they will be trained in four other Red Cross courses including; Shelter Fundamentals, Disaster Health and Sheltering, Psychological First Aid, and the Health Services Response Workshop.

CSN SNA is hoping to expand its relationship with American Red Cross by participating in community education opportunities, furthering the SNA members’ disaster preparedness education, and helping to recruit more people to become volunteers for the American Red Cross.



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