“Ready to Respond” Red Cross Disaster Training to be Held in Las Vegas in January


UPDATE 2012-01-08

More that 280 people have already signed up to participate in this great learning institute, including people from around the Southwest. Sign up today!

A week long offering of courses is being held at the Southern Nevada chapter to support our volunteer career development from Saturday, January 12th – Friday, January 18th, 2013. In order to deploy on disaster operations, volunteers and staff must have a certain amount of training in various specialties that they can choose in which to serve.

Do you like to help organize people checking into shelters? Maybe you should take the Shelter Operations class. Like to help move supplies around? You could train in Logistics. Once you have this important Red Cross instruction,  you can be considered to be deployed when the next need arises. A link to all the classes is available here.  

Wonder how all those people get deployed for the Red Cross to assist in disaster events? They go through our volunteer classes so that we can deploy them along side other people from around the country and everyone will have the same knowledge when they come together. They’ll know how to open a shelter the “Red Cross” way. They’ll know how we do client casework the “Red Cross” way. Everyone is on the same page.

So if you’re interested in taking the volunteer classes and joining the ranks of one of the most amazing and fast mobilizing disaster response organizations in the world, maybe you should think about taking classes in Las Vegas at the Red Cross! Again, go here for information.


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