Southern Nevada Red Cross chapter Holds Classes to Train Additional Volunteers


The American Red Cross has a huge relief response underway to Sandy, providing people across a number of states with a safe place to stay, food to eat and comfort during this difficult time.

But what happens if something else goes down? Not to be maudlin, but a local strain on resources can be worrisome when volunteers are deployed elsewhere.

So to make sure that trained individuals are ready to help, we’re conducting free “Sheltering Training” on Thursday and Friday at the chapter headquarters. The purpose of the course is to prep folks to manage shelter operations effectively and sensitively as a team to meet the needs of displaced people.

After the class, people are going to be trained to:

  • Describe the procedures for opening, operating and closing shelters.
  • Explain ways to demonstrate quality service.
  • Organize available human resources as a shelter operations team.
  • Identify resources available to assist shelter workers.
  • Organize the physical facility and material resources to meet the needs of the people in the shelter.

THEN, participants will put their new skills to work in a Shelter Simulation!

If you or people you know are interested, please email Lindsay right away at to get on the list!

Even if sheltering isn’t your “thing,” when we respond nationally  there is always a lot of work locally that people can do…

Office support

Disaster Response and Assessment


Writing articles

Casework with clients, separated families, and military members

Service at local Veterans’ facilities


Volunteer recruiting

Handy folks

Videography and posting it to the internet


Mental Health workers

Go to and hit the “Volunteer” button to start the process!

And thank you…





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