Red Cross Responding to Southern Nevada Flooding


The American Red Cross of Southern Nevada has been working in the field since Tuesday assessing damage in a number of flooded neighborhoods throughout the city. Disaster Action Teams have been going door to door today to initiate client casework and check on residents to see if they require care.

Last night, the Red Cross opened a Disaster Operations Center (DOC) to respond to multiple fires and several neighborhoods reporting flooding. Disaster Action Teams were reporting from the field with Damage Assessment reports. The chapter was in communication with Emergency Management organizations, as well as responding to citizens calling directly asking for service.


  • Red Cross Disaster Action Teams (DAT teams) also reported to a home fire in Sandy Valley at this hour
  • A DAT team delivered aid to several families displaced by floods on East Naples. 6 households were affected, displacing 8 adults and 1 child. They received shelter for the night.
  • Several DAT teams were in the areas of Stephanie in Henderson, 1221 S. 15th St., and the neighborhood near Desert Rose Golf Course.
  • The Chapter called down our lists of over 800 registered Red Cross volunteers to be able to staff Damage Assessment teams, Client Casework, and Administrative positions. Goal is to have 25 to 30 volunteers in the DOC for Wednesday.


Over the next several days, Red Cross client casework volunteers will stay in contact with the victims and provide referrals, as they begin their road to recovery.


Information on flood response can be found at the following links. – Guide to repairing your flooded home and the salvage process. – Power outage information including how to handle food.

The Southern Nevada Chapter responds to a local disaster on average every 23 hours.



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