Southern Nevada Personnel in Tampa Preparing for Isaac

Jennifer Ramieh, Fund Development Officer for the American Red Cross in Southern Nevada has been deployed into the path of oncoming tropical storm Isaac. She reports this from the field…

For Peter Warchal, this is only his second assignment as a Disaster Mental Health volunteer for the American Red Cross but the Reading, PA native is happy to be called upon for service.

Peter is a licensed professional counselor and spent the last 35 years as a high school guidance counselor.  He always tried to instill community involvement and volunteering with his students.  But it was more than just speaking the words, Peter wanted to be a role model.  So when his daughter married a member of the military special forces, he and his wife, Judy, were drawn to the American Red Cross Service to Armed Forces program.  It was that interest that led the both of them to put their professional training to help disaster victims .

Judy is a Professor of Psychology at Alvernia University and between semesters, she also volunteers with the Red Cross in Disaster Mental Health.  “We take turns deploying,” says Peter.  “Judy just returned from helping in California with the wildfires, now it’s my turn.”

Peter feels very blessed to be in a position in life where he has the ability to give back.  “In the United States, you always see people running to a place to help others rather than running away,” says Peter.  “The Red Cross is that vehicle to do just that.”

-Jennifer Ramieh reporting


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