American Red Cross Safety Tips for Back To School!

Did you ever think the time would come? It’s almost time for the little ones to hit the books again, and the Red Cross has tips for kids AND their parents to make this time that much more special.

One of the most important things you can teach your youngster is your home phone number and address, parent’s contact info, contact info for another trusted adult, and how to use the 9-1-1 system.

If kids ride the bus to school, teach them to arrive early and stay back from the curb while waiting.

But what about the adults? Well, there’s things that they should be aware of as well! Drivers need to be extra aware in the next few weeks as kids and drivers both learn their new morning commute routines. Where there were no kids crossing at the corners this summer, there may be some dashing out to catch a bus. And bike riders will become more prevalent as well!

And don’t forget! The American Red Cross First Aid App for iPhone and Android can give you valuable guidance in times of an emergency. It’s free. Does everyone in your family have it?

This a magical time for kids of all ages as they meet new people, learn new things and experience new happenings. Knowing they’re safe will make this time a memorable time for the whole family.

Follow the link to a list of Red Cross Back to School Safety Tips. Go here…


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