It’s “Exercise Eve…!”

With the giddy delight of schoolchildren, Red Cross personnel are scurrying around the Chapter today making final preparations for our “Shake, Rattle and Roll” Full Scale Disaster Exercise taking place tomorrow.

We’re setting up a response to a mock earthquake disaster affecting southern Nevada. We’ll be opening shelters, operating a mobile kitchen, utilizing an Emergency Communications Response Vehicle, running an Emergency Operations Center, and giving a tour of the whole operation when it’s up and running at mid-day.

The fun starts at 9am with orientation/check in for all personnel. Anyone can come and watch to see how the Red Cross responds in an emergency situation.

Today, more vehicles and personnel have arrived, and the food for the mobile kitchen has arrived. The first of a 2 day mobile kitchen class is in session right now, and this afternoon, they’ll be in the kitchen cleaning and prepping it for tomorrow’s event. Part of the class will be their cooking and running the kitchen, and feeding what may be 150 to 200 people tomorrow.

Preparing our mobile kitchen for our local volunteers are husband and wife team Jim and Carol Rogers, who are volunteers from the Ventura County Red Cross in Southern California. They’re going to help to train our kitchen class volunteers.

A sheltering class will also be held tomorrow to show volunteers and community partners the care and process we use to open a shelter. The shelter locations have not been announced, so that we can respond in real time as the exercise goes on.

Stay tuned…




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