Southern Nevada Red Cross Readies for Full Scale Exercise Event This Weekend


On Saturday, May 19th, local volunteers of the American Red Cross will practice their disaster response skills during a full scale exercise. The exercise will test the ability to initiate and sustain a local response following a simulated earthquake that has struck Southern Nevada. During the experience, volunteers will be:

·        Activating and coordinating over 100 volunteers
·        Establishing a relief operation headquarters to guide the ‘response’
·        Setting up and staffing two actual shelters
·        Training 40 partner agency staff to run shelters
·        Operating a tractor trailer sized mobile kitchen to feed all participants
·        Overcoming communication obstacles by using a specialized Emergency Communications Response Vehicle; a type of disaster satellite truck
·        Conducting mock ‘assessments’ of hundreds of neighborhoods stricken by the ‘earthquake’
·        Providing a VIP tour for community leaders and partner agencies to get a glimpse inside a real Red Cross relief operation

Exercises like these are important to train all Red Cross personnel to respond with speed and effciency when disaster strikes.

The Operation Headquarters will be at the Red Cross Offices – 1771 E. Flamingo Rd. Suite 206B.

Some of the things that you’ll see at the exercise:

–        A tractor trailer mobile kitchen where volunteers will be preparing lunch for all exercise attendees
–        2 Emergency Response Vehicles being loaded with lunch and supplies to be taken to two off-site shelter locations
–        Operations headquarters where chapter leadership and key volunteers will be directing the mock response
–        2 shelters where volunteers will be setting up the facility to receive “affected families”

For more information on the exercise, contact Red Cross Public Information Officer Lloyd Ziel in Las Vegas, NV at 702-369-3351.


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